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Top Reasons Why Americans Hate Customer Service

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Do you want to win over your customers? Then you need to know the top reasons why they might get irritated with your service.

For most Americans, the biggest annoyance is the inability to reach a live person on the phone, according to a new survey from the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

But once a customer has reached an agent, they may find them rude or condescending, or the call may get disconnected — and those are the next two biggest annoyances for consumers, according to the survey.

Understanding what grinds customers’ gears is important when developing contact center strategies. If you can apply the best practices for agent training and state-of-the-art contact center technology platforms, you may have the winning formula for winning customers for life.

In this era of instant access to information, some organizations are providing excellent customer service by making it easy for customers to help themselves with tools such as online FAQs, troubleshooting instructions, and how-to-videos.

If those self-serve options don’t resolve the customer’s issue, they are likely to already be annoyed by the time they’ve decided to reach out to a live call center agent for help. It explains why the Consumer Reports survey revealed that 57 percent of respondents said that they’ve been so frustrated that they’ve hung up the phone before resolving their problem. Women reported being more annoyed than men, as did people over the age of 45 when attempting to resolve issues with companies’ customer service.

Check out the top 6 reasons what Americans hate the most about customer service below, and get the full list from Consumer Reports at this link.

Top Six Customer-Service Irritants

1. Can’t get a live agent on the phone
2. Customer service is rude or condescending
3. Call gets disconnected
4. Call is disconnected and the customer is unable to reach the same agent again
5. Transferred to an agent who can’t help or offers wrong information
6. Company doesn’t provide–or hides–customer-service phone number.

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