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Webinar – Why Organizations Need Business Process Outsourcing, Especially in Times of Uncertainty

Nina Brown, DATAMARK’S former Vice President of Client Solutions, presents information about business process outsourcing (BPO) additionally why businesses need to leverage it during uncertain times. Brown starts with comments about how COVID-19 has caused such uncertainty in the service space and how BPOs can help other businesses stay open even during times like these. 

The first point leads into why one should choose BPO and how there are some misconceptions about BPO in general. It is often believed to be a bad idea to outsource your business needs; equally important, Brown explains why it is a great thing to do for your company. BPO allows your business to focus on what it does best. It would be best if you did not have to focus on the little things when BPO could do that for them. Then, you can focus primarily on the service or product your company offers.

Outsourcing is not a quick or temporary fix to your company’s issues. It’s intended to help your business long-term and build long-term relationships with you and your customers. You are investing in your company when you choose BPO.

It is an opportunity to:

● Offer quality service

● Garner more control

● Forge long-term relationships 

● Extend operating hours

● Free up internal resources

● Leverage economies of scale

BPO consists of contracting out various business tasks to a third-party service provider who is highly qualified and skilled to take over processes. Brown then goes on to discuss which strategies are ripe for outsourcing. These processes include highly repetitive, back-office tasks and tasks that require a quick turnaround.

Next, the webinar dives into why companies choose BPO more than ever. Brown gives a few reasons as to why this is happening such as how business continuity plans failing, legacy systems crumbling, and automations rising in popularity.

After, Brown begins to discuss some of the current key trends within the BPO industry, such as:

  1. COVID-19 redefined the customer experience 
  2. The data cloud is becoming more standard in business operations 
  3. Accountability and transparency are now the standards
  4. Recognizing that not all outsourcing is off-shore 
  5. One size fits all idea is fading away 

Lastly, the webinar dives into the many myths about outsourcing. These myths include: giving up com,pany control, deminiching customer service, and privacy and security issues.

The webinar closes with some benefits companies can reap if they outsource. Overall, researching and understanding the steps you need to take to start outsourcing ac en. Ensure you fully understand what processes your company needs assistance with, and you can go from there. 

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