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What You Should Know About Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can add value with their outsourced contact center solutions for organizations of all sizes. However, it cannot be stressed enough, that simply focusing on the cost savings gained with a BPO could potentially lead to undesired results and other issues.

Rather, it is better to focus on what we refer to as “right shore.” This concept is incorporating the right mix of BPO functions and services so that the benefits and savings gained are equalized, allowing you to focus on other core business functions and tasks.

BPO is generally divided into two broad categories, which are front-office and back-office functions. Front office functions are those that tend to include a wide array of services where people will be communicating with customers, vendors, and suppliers, such as:

Back-office functions are those tasks that happen behind the scenes and have very few if any, direct customer interactions. For these functions, the BPO’s “customers” are you and your employees. Common back-office functions include:

It is important to remember the differences in the front office and back office functions when selecting a BPO.  You need to evaluate the BPO and what services they offer to ensure they have the technologies and capabilities to meet your needs and objectives.

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