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When Your Business Should Outsource: Defining Factors

Deciding whether to outsource certain functions and job tasks of your business and knowing when is the best time to do so are vital business decisions that can impact your bottom line. The right time to start outsourcing is different for each business owner. So, you should evaluate your own needs to determine if now is the right time to start outsourcing, by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Are there any tasks you dislike doing, lack the skills to do correctly, or simply do not want to do? Attempting to handle every single aspect of running a business on your own will quickly overwhelm you and leave you little time to concentrate on core functions and growing the business.
  2. Is the task something that is a primary business function? If not, then consider outsourcing it so you are not wasting precious time on it. For instance, you open a pet store and want someone to provide IT support services, but not on a full-time basis. This would be an ideal task to outsource to a qualified provider.
  3. Are you having difficulties in recruiting and retaining skilled employees? In cases where you notice difficulties in finding the best people to fill open positions, outsourcing some or all of the job functions to an outsourcing firm can alleviate the hassles involved in filling the position, normally at cost savings, too.
  4. Are you trying to compete with larger businesses and lack the resources? Most small and medium-sized business owners find it challenging to be competitive against large and global operations. Outsourcing helps level the playing field and provides smaller businesses access to teams of skilled professionals, such as outsourcing call center services to manage inbound calls.
  5. How often do you need the task performed? For instance, you do mass marketing blitzes a few times a year. This task is one you should consider outsourcing rather than trying to do on your own.
  6. Is your business growing faster than you can hire proper staffing? Sometimes your business will take off and grow unexpectedly, creating gaps in being able to provide the products and/or services you sell. Outsourcing can help fill in the gaps and allow your business to continue to grow.
  7. Do you have difficulties managing your time efficiently? If it feels like you are not getting anything accomplished each workday, it could be you have too much to do and not enough time to get everything done. If your workloads have doubled or even tripled since you started the business, then it is time to consider outsourcing some of the workloads.

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