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Why Call Center Overseas Outsourcing Is Coming Back to the U.S.

The process of overseas outsourcing call center operations began in the 1990s through the early 2000s, was driven by simple economics. Lately, call centers have been coming back to the United States. Let’s go behind the scenes and explore the top reasons behind the shift.

#1 Financial Incentives to Offshore are Diminishing.

The cost of operating in the United States has dropped dramatically, with the 2008 recession serving as a catalyst. At the same time, globalization is increasing the costs of doing business overseas.  

With profit being cut into from both sides, the primary reason for offshoring is less of a driving force. 

#2 Companies are Placing Greater Focus on the Customer Experience.

Consumer expectations for service are rising, so organizations are making service more of a business focus.

Companies gain greater oversight and eliminate issues like language and cultural barriers by moving operations onshore. At times these same results can be achieved nearshore if needed as well.

#3 Organizations are Becoming more Mindful about the Economy and Perception.

Economists say offshoring did not damage the U.S. economy to the degree the public perceived, nor was job loss a major issue, yet bringing jobs home provides some economic boost and raises sentiment among American workers.

Want to Find the Outsourced Call Center Solution that’s Right for You?

Offshoring a call center may work for some, but if your overseas call center isn’t working for your business due to diminished gains and poor customer experiences, it may be time to bring operations back home or explore nearshore options instead. With decades in the industry, DATAMARK can walk you through all the options, so you get the right mix of value and service for your company’s needs.

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