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Making communities great by serving citizens.

In many cities, the original 311 non-emergency phone hotline set up for its citizens has evolved into a large-scale program that brings nearly all municipal services for citizens under the 311 umbrella. DATAMARK, a 311 outsourcing company that provides contact center services for cities, understands what it takes to deliver high-performance customer service. Cities must be able to engage with their constituents through the channels residents use most to reach out to the city government. These include by phone, email, web chat, SMS text, web forms, and mobile apps.

A 311 provider company makes it easier for city governments to interact with citizens. By working with a municipality service provider, cities ensure their residents can get all the assistance and information they need from a professional staff of support experts. A municipality phone support service provider ensures all of your non-emergency 311 outsource operations are running efficiently and smoothly, freeing up the resources and personnel needed for more pressing projects within the city.

Making communities great by serving citizens.

Build a 311 Contact Center Team to cuts costs and boost efficiency.

With DATAMARK’s cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing 311 services, you can build a better-staffed, better-equipped 311 call center. You can also entrust your call center operations to be trained professionals fully equipped to handle your incoming queries by phone, email, text, or mobile apps.

Our 311 solutions are scalable and tailored to your specific operational needs. After assessing your current facilities, we will offer expert advice on how they can be optimized, whether upgrading your existing call center hardware and software or expanding your staff complement. You also have the choice to continue operating from your current location under DATAMARK management or move offsite.

Municipalities can reduce operating costs and improve customer service by outsourcing the 311 contact center function to DATAMARK. As a public utility service provider, we can manage all 311 customer service center operations—including hiring and training 311 operators—allowing city managers and directors to stay focused on the day-to-day delivery of services to citizens. DATAMARK is a 311 provider committed to helping cities and residents communicate with one another more effectively and efficiently.

Build a 311 Contact Center Team to cuts costs and boost efficiency.

Why DATAMARK for Government 311 Contact Centers?

A Trusted Partner

DATAMARK has been a trusted business services partner to Fortune 500 companies, large enterprises, and government agencies since 1989.

30 Years of Expertise

The city government shouldn’t be in the business of operating contact centers. Let DATAMARK handle your 311 programs so you can focus on the city government’s long-term, strategic management.

Cost Savings for 311 Programs

Ensure every taxpayer dollar is spent wisely by outsourcing 311 to an experienced contact center service like DATAMARK. Reduce community control costs and ensure quality service to your citizens.

Operational Models for 311 Contact Centers

You achieve the best balance between costs, risks, and rewards by selecting a model that meets your business requirements.

  • Outsourcing 311 Contact Centers
  • Onsite Management of 311 Contact Centers
  • Consulting

Solutions in Action for Government 311 Contact Centers

Experienced 311 Management

We have the capability and experience to seamlessly transition your 311 contact center to a DATAMARK-managed call center. We can deliver service onsite (within your city facility) or offsite within your community.

Recruit, Hire & Onboard Agents

Our human resources team takes care of the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding of agents who are residents of your city.

Technology Assessment

We implement and optimize the best contact center software and customer relationship management platform for your 311 programs.

El Paso 311 Seamlessly Transitions to DATAMARK

This case study highlights the success of our recent outsourcing transition of the City of El Paso, Texas’ 311 Call Center. We took over staffing and management of the non-emergency call center within a short 30-day time period by re-badging many of the center’s experienced agents. Our contact center technology partners include Cisco, Avaya and Vocalcom.

DATAMARK will deliver a custom 311 call center outsourcing solution for your city:

  • Onsite or offsite contact center operation and management.
  • Hiring, training and onboarding of 311 agents.
  • Multichannel 311 service: voice, email, social media, chat, mobile app.
  • Service in English, Spanish and other languages.
  • Use your contact center technology and CRM platforms or integrate our own.

311 delivers high value, but many cities are feeling the pinch of tight budgets. For these communities, a 311 contact center staffed and managed by DATAMARK makes sound financial sense. Costs can be controlled through a multi-year contract, and outstanding service to citizens ensured through service-level agreements and by meeting or exceeding your key performance indicator (KPI) targets.

El Paso 311 Case Study

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