The Vice President of Corporate Support at DATAMARK is Melissa Zamora, who oversees HR and Compliance responsibilities while developing strategies for future innovation and success.

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As Vice President of Corporate Support, Melissa Zamora brings a wealth of strategic leadership to her pivotal role at DATAMARK. With a proven track record in process improvement and operational excellence, Melissa is uniquely positioned to lead DATAMARK’s corporate support functions.

Drawing from her extensive experience, including her tenure as Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations at US Legal Support, Melissa excels at collaborating with senior leadership, developing roadmaps for Enterprise Risk Management, Client Services, Business Process Management, and accounting teams. These strategic capabilities allow her to align DATAMARK’s objectives for growth with precision.

Additionally, Melissa takes on vital HR responsibilities, including ensuring compliance with legal requirements, optimizing the performance management process, and managing the Pay and Benefits portfolio to support DATAMARK’s growth objectives. Her collaborative and hands-on approach ensures that DATAMARK is well-prepared for a future of innovation and success under her leadership.


DATAMARK’s executive leadership team offers decades of Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing experience across diverse industries. Several of our executives have been with the company for over 20 years, establishing a strong reputation of commitment, trust, and continued success across our long-term client partnerships.

Datamark President Bill Randag

Bill Randag


Datamark Senior Vice President John Holmes

John Holmes

Sr. Vice President

Matt Lochausen- Datamark VP of Security and Compliance

Matt Lochausen

V.P. – Security & Compliance

Datamark President Bill Randag

Randy Arellano

V.P. – Global Sales & Marketing

Fergal O'Donnell - Datamark VP Technology

Fergal O’Donnell

V.P. – Technology

Datamark VP Operations

Shawn Ollis

V.P. – Operations

Datamark VP Corporate Support

Melissa Zamora

V.P. – Corporate Support

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