DATAMARK Is The Most Exciting BPO You May Not Be Aware Of

DATAMARK Is The Most Exciting BPO You May Not Be Aware Of

The last few years have been tough for many industries. Companies that couldn’t operate during the pandemic lockdowns and stay-at-home orders struggled. Many didn’t make it. Some are still recovering, even now.

Our sector, Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) had to innovate overnight. All office-based employees had to start working from home. This required extreme ingenuity and rapid adoption of new security policies and working practices.

But we made it. DATAMARK hasn’t shouted about many of our achievements recently because we have just focused on ensuring our clients get the service they expect – but this difficult time for the industry has proven just how different we are.

It’s time to do some shouting! Let’s remind the world why this company matters.

This isn’t just a marketing pep talk. There are three reasons why DATAMARK is different from most companies offering BPO services today. They go to the core of our business, and they really matter:

  1. Small enough to care, big enough to deliver: we can’t claim to operate in over 100 countries with hundreds of thousands of employees. However, we are a significant organization with several thousand employees across several different countries. We have the scale needed to deliver serious solutions for our clients, but those clients also know that the senior management team is available whenever they want to ask a question. They don’t need to wait, or arrange a meeting, hoping someone can find the time to talk. Our senior management team gets to know every client – you get the A-team, not junior account managers. We have the scale to deliver serious solutions, but every client is also important to us – ask smaller clients at huge BPOs how it works for them.
  2. Focus on long-term partnerships: we are highly selective about the clients we work with. We aim to build long-term ongoing business partnerships, not short-term outsourcing deals that are re-tendered as soon as possible. Our average tenure with clients is over 15 years. Fedex has now worked with us for over 35 years. Our approach is to be upfront with potential clients and decline if we don’t see a good fit since we are committed to long-term partnerships with the clients we do take on. We have never lost a client based on performance. How many BPO companies have this approach to building partnerships?
  3. Flexible solutions: our approach to sales isn’t a slick PowerPoint and a series of vague promises. We get inside a business and understand what makes it tick. We want to understand the necessary solutions before agreeing to work with a potential client. We are flexible and not constrained in how we build solutions – we will design the best solution for the client’s issues and use the best available software and tools. This is not true in most BPO companies. Whatever solution they apply to one client is usually applied to everyone. We can build bespoke solutions using any software and systems – even creating them internally if we need to.

This last point can be very interesting for some clients. Instead of paying for software licenses to a third-party provider, we can often build a bespoke system for a specific custom workflow. We then own and manage that solution- no need for those expensive software licenses.

These three differences are at the heart of why DATAMARK is different. If you want a flexible partner that is ready to grow with your business, but you also want to know that your partner truly values your business, and you want to know that the focus is a long-term future together, then give us a call. Let’s pop the hood and take a look at your business processes – what can we do together to improve quality, efficiency, and the effectiveness of how your company interacts with your customers?

Come on a journey with us. It could change your business forever.

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