Transforming Contact Center Operations

This article showcases Generative AI through a digital asset of a chatbot as a virtual assistant

DATAMARK’s Use-Cases for Generative AI in Delivering Exceptional Customer Service In today’s fast-paced business landscape, contact centers and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers face increasing pressure to deliver exceptional customer service to clients and their client’s customers while maintaining operational…

DATAMARK Premier League 2023

DATAMARK Premier League 2023 At DATAMARK, we look for any opportunity in which employees can engage with each other, have fun and connect. What better way to do this? Hosting a sporting event! The Dynamic Relationship Between Sports and Teamwork…

DATAMARK Celebrates Kolkata Karnival

Datamark celebrates Kolkata Karnival is demonstrated by an image of the DMi India Team

DATAMARK Celebrates Kolkata Karnival “Leadership is to transform a vision into reality!” No doubt that this is what Datamark Leadership truly believes in. Strong leadership aims to develop meaningful interactions within the organization, foster trust and collaboration, and merge boundaries.…