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BFSI Has Personalization And Omnichannel High On The Agenda

BFSI Has Personalization And Omnichannel High On The Agenda

The team from DATAMARK will be at the IQPC CX BFSI USA Exchange in Anaheim, CA, on May 21-22. BFSI is one of the premier conferences focused on customer experience strategy in the US banking and financial services industries. This group of speakers represents some real industry leaders, including Morgan Stanley, Bank of Hawaii, KeyBank, and BMO.

Personalization and how to achieve greater omnichannel customer loyalty are the main discussion topics at the event.

The event agenda says: “With needs and demands of consumers continuously growing, there are expectations to serve the masses whilst offering tailored interactions. During the Exchange we will explore approaches varying from specific, individual support through to delivering to the many by focusing on your majority consumer base. What will your end-users value, from automated self-service through to highly trained, tailored representatives at the end of the phone?”

As this introduction suggests, this is a big topic. If we explore personalization in financial services, as well as omnichannel customer loyalty, then executives must consider these five areas:


What data do we have on the customer? What can we use to determine the customer preferences? Most financial service companies have a large amount of personal data. However, there may be restrictions on what can be used for personalization of services. Including regulators and internal guidelines. Customers may also feel uncomfortable if it feels like the company “knows too much.”


What do we do with the information we’ve mined? What kind of insights can we generate? Are these focused on preferences and likely to help with recommendations, or can we get deeper into behavioral insights and triggers?


Customers want to interact with their bank differently, from branches to apps to the phone. This ensures that the channels you use are all supported well and interconnected so customers do not feel cut off when they attempt to switch channels.


Is our focus on personalization aimed at supporting the customer in their financial goals and aspirations? Can we actively help them to get out of debt or to achieve a savings goal? How do we go beyond just offering financial products and start offering real financial support?


How do we build a closer relationship with the customer through all the above so the customer develops a stronger bond with the brand and loyalty over many years?

Based on the agenda, the conference will cover these topics. These are big and complex discussions, so it’s a great experience to have people from different areas of CX together in one place.

For more information about the event, please click here. If you plan to be there, say hello at the event or get in touch using the details below.

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