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India Is Now A Technology Pioneer, And This Matters For CX

India Is Now A Technology Pioneer, And This Matters For CX

What do Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, and Arvind Krishna have in common? You might be aware that these three people are the CEOs of Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, and IBM, respectively.

They are all tech executives, but there is another connection. These technology executives were all born in India. These important leaders of major American technology brands were raised in India before taking additional higher education in the USA and then building a successful career in the US.

India’s Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has traditionally been the source of American innovation wave after wave. Companies such as Apple and HP were famously started in the region in humble surroundings. However, India has seen a major technological industry revolution since the 1990s. This is making India a leading player for technology services – and any services enabled by technology – and Indian expertise is spreading globally.

A Global Partnership

DATAMARK has worked in India for twenty years now. We have two delivery centers in Mumbai and Chennai. Mumbai is the most populous city in India, with over 12 million people, and Chennai is the largest in the country’s southeast, with around 4.5 million people.

Still, our team has witnessed the phenomenal growth of technology expertise in India over the past two decades. In August last year, India joined the exclusive club of nations that have successfully sent rockets to the moon. After the USA, China, and the Soviet Union, India was only the fourth nation to achieve this, and Japan was the only additional club member.

Our presence in India allows us to tap into a vast talent pool. Expertise in customer service processes, the back office, technology, IT, and specific industry knowledge is available.

Skills And Expertise

This is increasingly important for our business. Take a look at this article in a Human Resources magazine focused on the skills needed to manage customer service processes. The article suggests that the skills and expertise needed in and around a modern contact center now include cloud computing, cybersecurity, compliance, the internet of things, robotic process automation, content creation for self-service, languages, biometric security, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, sales and marketing, and specialists in managing hybrid and work from home processes.

That’s a lot of expertise; a huge proportion of it is now driven by technology. Additionally, if you are using AI to transform your customer experience, then the customer service team needs to understand how it works, how it can be trained, and how it can be improved. It’s now a part of the customer service process.

The Bottom Line?

Our team knows that India is now critical for our innovation. If we want to deliver the service our clients expect, we must embrace new technologies and ideas. Having a team in India is critical to our ability to do this well.

India is now a leading source of technology expertise, which is critical for designing a modern customer experience. India truly is integral to the future of CX.

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