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Will AI Improve The Quality Of The Customer Experience?

Will AI Improve The Quality Of The Customer Experience?


Given the heightened focus on artificial intelligence (AI) throughout 2023, DATAMARK conducted a comprehensive survey among our network of clients, prospects, and contacts to explore the implications of AI’s quality in the customer experience industry. Below, we unveil our key findings from this survey.

First, we should ask: What are people thinking from inside the industry when compared to what the business media is saying about what AI does to improve customer experience quality? How different are these two stances, and what implications do these disparities hold for the future of customer service? By understanding the perspectives of both within the industry and as portrayed by the media, we can glean valuable insights into the evolving landscape of AI integration and its potential impact on customer interactions and satisfaction.

AI Solutions in CX

When first asked about the potential applications of generative AI in customer experience (CX), a notable split emerged regarding the anticipated solutions. Specifically, 40% of respondents identified reducing call handle times as a primary area where AI could provide assistance within the industry, while an equal 40% viewed AI as a supportive tool for contact center agents.

This certainly reflects our own work on our DataSpark system. The initial gains from Gen AI have been from creating greater efficiency inside the contact center by supporting agents. This multifaceted approach drives up productivity and effectively reduces call times. Moreover, the collaborative dynamic created by AI support enhances the overall team morale. Ensuring that both agents and customers emerge as winners in the interaction.

Customer’s Acceptance of Automation

Next, we asked how receptive customers will be to greater automation. With advancements in AI potentially leading to more sophisticated chatbots and other automated systems, the critical question arises:  will customers readily embrace these innovations, or will they express resistance?

A few responses suggested that customers will be very receptive, but a full 75% agreed with the statement, ‘Our customers will be somewhat receptive to automated systems.’ Nobody agreed that customers would be indifferent or distrustful of more automation, so this shows that if AI is used carefully to make life easier for customers, they will welcome it.

AI’s Impact on Employee Efficiency

We then delved into how AI has streamlined employee tasks in recent years.  All respondents answered that AI has streamlined some of the tedious tasks their team has to manage. Nobody said that there had not been a streamlining effect from AI. The only difference of opinion was whether it has helped with most tasks or some.

This is a quick win for the contact center that improves the customer experience by directly supporting the agents. Give them better tools, and they can be more productive and effective.

We also asked about how AI tools might affect the quality of CX, and the results here were very clear. All responses agreed that AI would greatly improve the quality of CX.  There are many reasons for this. But we are already seeing that it’s now possible to monitor every customer interaction for quality rather than auditing random calls. The AI system can automatically pick out any unusual interactions and ask a team leader to check them. This also creates coaching opportunities as weaknesses are identified and addressed more systematically.

Bottom Line?

Humans remain an important ingredient in great customer service. However, AI can help make customer service professionals more effective and supported. This helps them and the customer so AI can lead to some quick wins when it is applied strategically – rather than believing it is a futuristic solution for everything.

Using the power of AI in customer service also opens up avenues for continuous improvement and innovation. By leveraging AI-driven insights and analytics, businesses can refine their service strategies, anticipate customer needs more accurately, and adapt to evolving market trends swiftly. Moreover, AI enables personalized interaction at scale, fostering deeper connections with customers and enhancing brand loyalty. Thus, while AI is undoubtedly a valuable tool, its true potential lies in its strategic deployment alongside human expertise, paving the way for a customer-centric approach that drives sustainable success in the ever-evolving landscape of customer service.

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