DataSpark Is Demonstrating How AI Can Transform The Contact Center

DataSpark Is Demonstrating How AI Can Transform The Contact Center

In March 2023, Forrester Research published research on the state of play in the contact center environment**. Specifically, the report explored how the leading business process outsourcing (BPO) providers are exploring how to offer contact center as-a-service type packages.

Forrester noted that in the previous version of this research, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was not really a consideration. Still, it now permeates every aspect of how a company should select its contact center partner.

The Use of AI Outside of its Realm

This is an important point. In 2023, the generative AI system ChatGPT achieved over 100 million regular users within two months of being launched. That’s faster than any game or social media platform has grown. It now has around 180 million regular users.

This shows that ordinary people, outside the data science community, have now adopted AI. They are using it to help create business plans, speeches, recipes, and for inspiration – asking AI for ideas.

It’s no surprise that Forrester is now suggesting that contact centers consider how they will use AI. The customer experience can be dramatically improved using several AI features.

Chatbots that use the features of generative AI can perform dramatically better than those we have all seen and used in the past. However, some of the most immediate and important benefits from AI are located inside the contact center itself.

Introducing DataSpark by DATAMARK

This is where our own DataSpark system creates an advantage for our clients. DataSpark is our proprietary AI solution – we built it right here inside DATAMARK. Publicly available tools, such as ChatGPT, are great for general interactions because they are trained on enormous datasets – known as large language models.

But for specific processes, ChatGPT can be focused on datasets smaller than the entire Internet, for example Datamark’s document repositories. In this way, the sophistication of ChatGPT’s engine is dedicated to generating answers specifically from Datamark’s own data and tailored specifically for Datamark’s agents and customers.

DataSpark in Action

Training an AI system to assist customers effectively can be streamlined by focusing on the top 300 scenarios they are most likely to encounter. There is no need to teach your AI about the history of the Roman Empire – like ChatGPT – because nobody will ask a customer service function a question about Caesar.

DataSpark injects the contact center with innovation and efficiency.

Contact center agents typically need to categorize and make notes on each call with a customer. DataSpark can handle this automatically. Agents that need to search a knowledge base typically need to place a customer on hold while they search for information. DataSpark does this automatically while the agent and customer are talking – it knows what is required and can suggest the next best action to the agent.

DataSpark is like giving each agent a digital assistant that can remove admin tasks and help them to find the most relevant information from the knowledge base automatically.

The advantages should be clear.

The Benefits of Using DataSpark

We have seen customer interactions reduced from several minutes to 30 seconds. Agent quality and accuracy is improved. The time required to onboard and train agents is reduced because they no longer need to know every possible scenario and how to address it, as they always have a digital assistant. The agents enjoy their own job more because they are helped, and admin time is reduced.

Customers are helped faster, more accurately and more consistently. Agents feel more supported. DataSpark is a win-win tool that improves both customer and employee experience.

DataSpark is also real. It is live with Datamark clients today. This is not the future for contact centers, it is very much the present, revolutionizing the way businesses handle customer interactions and data analytics.

What do you think? Follow our LinkedIn company page to always see our articles in your newsfeed. Click here to visit our website. ** The Forrester WaveTM: Contact Center As A Service, Q1 2023 (March 27, 2023)

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