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DATAMARK and Genesys Partner for Better CX

DATAMARK and Genesys Partner for Better CX

DATAMARK recently announced our new partnership with Genesys . A globally recognized customer experience (CX) software and technology companies.

There are a few specific areas where we plan to use the Genesys software to improve how our teams operate:

  • 1.   Reporting: a complete focus on capturing and analyzing contact center information to create insight into customer behavior and requirements.
  • 2.   Routing: improve internal routing so the right person with the right skills is always where the call is routed.
  • 3.   Dashboard: an all-in-one space where our team can handle customer interactions and manage their performance and career progression.

Importance of the Partnership for Customer and Employee Experience

While more details about the partnership can be found in the DATAMARK x Genesys press release, it’s worth noting the significance of this collaboration. Our advisers sit on the frontline of the customer experience. They create the impression customers take away when contacting their favorite brands. Additionally, they are responsible for customer satisfaction and those customers returning to spend in the future. Finally, they define the brand-to-customer relationship.

Great CX cannot be delivered without excellent employee experience. EX can be measured in several, but the most important can be summarized as follows:

  • Values and Vision: does the employee share the same values as the company? Does the company even have a purpose beyond shareholder return? Are you integrating the company into the local community? Additionally, are you ensuring that your team feels they have more than a job and a paycheck? Datamark has donated countless dollars and volunteer hours to several causes. The put the community at the core of what we do.
  • Training and Tools: is the company supplying the right tools for the job? Are you stressed and making mistakes because you need to constantly juggle customer data between eight different Excel sheets? Or do you have a fully integrated system that makes it easy to connect to customers and find the information they need? This is precisely where our partnership with Genesys will be a game changer for the contact center teams.
  • Empowerment: the days of the scripted contact center are long gone. If your team is well trained and knows the products/service, give them the freedom to do what is best for the customer. Trust in your people to make the right decision. Instead of trying to create a formal decision tree with hundreds of possible options.

The Importance of Trust, Training, and Tools for High-Quality CX

This may all sound obvious and simple, but CX analysts continue writing reports about contact center workers. More specifically, how they are not well trained, not trusted, and are expected to manage with inadequate tools. How would that make you feel if you struggle daily with the wrong tools for the job? Especially if it means you can’t help a customer and they repeatedly ask, “Why can’t you help me?”

Trust, training, and tools. It’s simple, but the sum can be greater than the parts. It all adds up to something more. 

This holistic approach is also essential to achieve any level of omnichannel support. Your customers want a great experience whether they call, email, text, or live chat. If your integrated system that can handle all these channels, it can ensure that the right adviser can see knowledge about the customer at the right time.

It’s far more impressive to call a company and immediately hear the adviser saying, “I saw your text from earlier, and I can confirm that issue is now resolved,” compared to the adviser just saying, “Could you explain the problem you are experiencing?”

This is why the right tools are essential, and we believe that our Genesys partnership gives us an enormous and immediate boost!

Bottom Line?

The partnership between Datamark and Genesys represents a major step towards improving customer experience. By empowering our team to make decisions and providing them with the necessary tools, we can create a more efficient and personalized CX experience across all channels.

At DATAMARK, we are committed to delivering high-quality CX and look forward to leveraging this new partnership to achieve our goals. Contact us about your needs, and a DMi representative will get back to you in no time!

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