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DATAMARK Announces Partnership with Genesys

DATAMARK Announce Partnership with Genesys

Powering Customer Experience with Genesys

We are pleased to announce DATAMARK’s partnership with Genesys. Genesys is a leading software company that develops top-notch contact center and customer support technologies. Together, we aim to enhance the customer experience for our clients and their businesses – fostering customer trust and increasing bottom-line performance.

Integrating DATAMARK With Genesys Technology

We are excited to equip every DATAMARK member, agent, and partner with innovative technology proven and recognized in the customer experience industry. Let’s go over how these capabilities can assist our members in performing their work with ease and impact.

Contact Center Reporting

As a prominent BPO provider of call center solutions worldwide, DATAMARK collects a massive amount of data, ranging from customer interactions to product purchases and more. Our contact center agents provide services both in-office and remote worldwide. Genesys bridges every data point into one reporting system:

  • Access, report, manage, and export all data from a single dashboard.
  • Track service levels, call times, customer satisfaction levels, and other metrics.
  • Generate customizable reports with actionable insights.
  • View real-time data as they roll along with historical data, organized and searchable by customer or interaction.
  • Share customer interaction data across systems, tools, and processes with Open Data Initiative (ODI) and Cloud Information Model (CIM) tech.
  • Sync various CRM systems and database tools like MSSQL, Oracle, and SQL.
  • Secure API access for IT teams, external partners, managers, and other key players.
  • Automate notifications for chat rooms and third-party systems.

Internal Team Routing

Genesys Cloud routing involves a suite of features for internal teams to stay organized and aligned. Team leaders and managers can set up these features however they want:

  • Match the right call to the right person as quickly as possible by assigning customer interactions to the appropriate agent with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).
  • Schedule entries, including recurrence type and time span points, and schedule groups to combine multiple schedules.
  • Use call routing to map a call flow to a dialed address, choose regular and emergency schedules, and view a list of active call flows.
  • Use message routing to map an inbound message flow to a dialed address, choose regular and emergency schedules, and view a list of active inbound message flows.
  • Create an emergency group to modify routing behavior during unplanned or critical events efficiently.

All-In-One Dashboard

Again, all of these data points are stored and accessible in a single dashboard where Genesys users could achieve 94% average response rates and 90% first-call resolution. By implementing Genesys into our workplace, key players can better support the needs of our clients’ customer experience goals:

  • Agents can easily handle customer interactions, manage performance, and follow career progression with all the necessary information.
  • Supervisors can gather insights, make the best business decisions, and lead their teams backed by real-time data and analytics.
  • Administrators can customize tools and features, onboard new hires, create knowledge bases, build interaction flows, and go beyond.


Since 1989, DATAMARK has provided Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for several organizations. Including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, startups, and more. That’s over 30 years of experience collaborating on numerous projects and operations in various industries. Whether it’s outsourcing the documentation process for a major enterprise or empowering customer support teams with interpretation services around the globe, we manage it all. 

As you can tell, we do a lot, resulting in the need to manage large amounts of data across multiple channels. This is where our partnership with Genesys comes in. By integrating our work with the most innovative tech and tools, we can continuously reinforce and dramatically improve the success of our clients and their customer experience needs.

About Genesys

With their call center software, Genesys works to “orchestrate every step of every experience.” Resulting in improving customer satisfaction, employee retention, and business outcomes. In 2022, The Forrester Wave™ named Genesys a leading platform in customer journey solutions with the highest scores possible in the criteria of scalability, strategy performances, and more. Overall, Genesys users increased digital sales by 400% and agent productivity by 25%.

Want to Power Your Own Customer Experience?

We work with many organizations on their unique business problems, delivering contact center outsourcing to digital mailroom strategies and every solution in between. Contact us about your needs, and a DATAMARK representative will get back to you in no time.

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