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How To Start Thinking About Customer Service Outsourcing

How To Start Thinking About Customer Service Outsourcing

If your customer service processes are handled internally and everything works well enough, then why would you consider outsourcing to a customer service specialist?

There are several reasons, but it is first worth considering how customer service expectations are changing. Customers increasingly expect service channels to be available 24/7. They anticipate accessing services through channels of their choice, including social media networks.

Additionally, they are expecting better self-service options. Your customers are reading all the same news stories about the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and they now know what is possible with these technologies. The customer service chatbot you deployed five years ago is not going to be acceptable when everyone can now use ChatGPT on their phone.

So, even if your internal customer service process is working today, it may not be fit for purpose as customer expectations increase and the requirement to use ever more sophisticated technology becomes normalized.

Areas to Explore Before Considering Outsourcing

If you are considering an internal business plan that explores why outsourcing makes sense rather than retaining the customer service function in-house, then these are some specific areas you need to explore.


Specialist customer service providers have dedicated teams with expertise in handling customer inquiries and resolving issues efficiently. This is our job. It is our focus. We are not only focused on delivering for clients today. We are also analyzing future trends so we can advise you on what your customers may expect next year.


Customer service outsourcing can often be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house team, especially when considering factors such as training, infrastructure, and scalability. Our charges are transparent and include the people and technology you need to deliver a fantastic customer experience. Internal teams are often costed without factoring in infrastructure expenses, including those associated with office space and necessary equipment.


Specialist providers can easily scale their operations to handle fluctuations in customer service demands, such as during peak seasons or product launches. This is where it can be extremely beneficial to have a customer service specialist on board. If you are facing a Black Friday meltdown, then we can add resources as needed.

Focus on Core Competencies

Outsourcing customer service allows the company to focus on its core business activities and strategic initiatives rather than diverting resources to support functions.

Business schools have been teaching this for over three decades now. Focus your attention on what you do best, or differently, in your market. Let specialist providers handle your customer care, IT, or payroll. This is not where you are creating an advantage for your business.

Access to Technology and Tools

Specialist providers often have access to advanced customer service technologies and tools that may be too expensive for a company to implement on its own.

Artificial Intelligence is a good example. Do you have AI tools that are advising and helping agents in your contact center? DATAMARK created our own tool called DataSpark, and many of our clients have started using it – it’s not an innovation for the future; our clients are using this today.

Global Coverage

Many specialist providers offer multilingual support and have the infrastructure to provide customer service on a global scale, which can be beneficial for companies with international operations.

If your business is global, then it can be beneficial to offer global customer service. It allows access to additional language skills and can also be deployed to reduce the cost of offering all support locally.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By leveraging the expertise and resources of a specialist provider, companies can enhance the quality and responsiveness of their customer service, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is our focus. We are always measuring the impact of our service and how it satisfies the needs of the customer.

Bottom Line?

In summary, managing customer service processes is becoming far more complicated than just the management of a contact center alone. It is now a highly specialized process that mixes skilled people, technology, and business processes, and the increasing expectation of customers complicates this. They expect great service.

Customer service specialists like DATAMARK are well placed to advise on how to transition an internal team into an outsourced service. Let’s have a conversation to explore how it could work for your business.

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