BPO Outsourcing to India Offers Transformation AND Value

Unlock the potential of BPO in India, a prime outsourcing hub since 1991. With a legacy of excellence, India offers expertise and cost savings for transformative business processes. Discover the advantages today.

BPO Outsourcing to India Offers Transformation AND Value

India has a lengthy reputation as a destination for technology and business process outsourcing (BPO). This goes back to the 1980s when American Express opened a customer service center in Mumbai. In which they continued gathering momentum in the 90s and early 21st century. Today, outsourcing to India is increasingly vital to the growth strategies of most corporations.

Outsourcing to India: What is the Advantage?

‘Outsourcing to India: The Offshore Advantage,’ was first published in 2004 and describes the outsourcing world of that time. In 1991, India opened its economy to the world. This offered a series of measures that attracted investment and encouraged exports. 

India has now been developing BPO and IT expertise for over three decades – and sharing that expertise with the world. Look at how many CEOs of major companies in the US are of Indian origin – Sundar Pichai at Google and Satya Nadella at Microsoft are just two of the most well-known examples.

Many executives might assume that the cost is the main attraction for BPO services in India. Although India does provide a lower-cost environment than the US, India’s deep experience with BPO services makes it hard to rival the quality of services delivered from other geographies.

More Than A Low-Cost Environment

Look at this recent analysis from Ryan Strategic Consulting, one of the leading industry analyst companies entirely focused on contact centers and business process outsourcing. They asked 712 executives worldwide which location offers the best BPO services. It was not a poll of where their company is outsourcing; it focused on where they would like to outsource.

India was the number one destination. Founder of Ryan Strategic Advisory, Peter Ryan, said: “Several factors propelled India into first place this year, including the country’s legacy around customer management and the focus in recent times among Indian stakeholders to double down on high-quality digital CX management. Both are crucial considerations in the eyes of enterprise contact center managers.”

It’s not a one-off achievement, either. Looking back at the same research in 2022, you can see that India was in first place then – although in 2022, it shared first place with South Africa.

Outsource With DATAMARK To India

DATAMARK has a long history in India. We have facilities in Mumbai and Chennai, offering operational excellence to US-based clients. Our teams in India perform several different services, including data entry, bank reconciliation, invoice management, document scanning, and other back-office functions.

Our team in India can help your business optimize your operational process and improve and transform them. 

BPO in India is taken very seriously. Around 6.25% of the entire Indian economy is generated through BPO services. More than 4 million people work in BPO in India, and if you look at all the BPO services being provided globally, then India accounts for almost 60% of all the activity.

If you are considering how your back-office processes can be transformed in a way that can also reduce cost, then it’s hard to ignore the value and expertise outsourcing to India offers.

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