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DATAMARK: Helping Businesses Focus on Core Activities and Impactful BPO

DATAMARK: Helping Businesses Focus on Core Activities and Impactful BPO

Finding a partner who pays attention to a business’s intricate needs while delivering impeccable customer service and technical support can be a game-changer in the burgeoning contact center space.

DATAMARK, a strategic BPO, fits this bill. It assists organizations of all sizes to focus on their core business objectives through its scalable, cost-effective and expertly managed outsourcing solutions.

A midsized contact center partner with a global workforce of 3,300 full-time employees, DATAMARK’s operational footprint spans Mexico, India and the U.S. Its offices deliver significant cost savings, improved productivity, 24/7 customer service and business resiliency to clients in transportation and logistics, financial services, healthcare, consumer service domains, and more. Above all, DATAMARK allows clients to focus on their core objectives and confidently navigate the complexities of today’s business environment.

“We identify pain points and wasteful steps and bottlenecks in operational workflows through powerful business process analyses while providing expert re-engineering capabilities to improve organizational efficiencies. This enables us to become a long-term, strategic partner to our clients,” says Randy Arellano, VP of Sales and Marketing.

DATAMARK specializes in processes such as AI Enhanced CX, Back-Office Management, Business Process Re-Engineering, Digital Document Processing, Omnichannel Contact Centers, and Work-from-Home Command Centers. This diverse suite and its agility in addressing client issues drive the BPO’s ability to form meaningful and engaged partnerships.

Combining a Powerful Tech Stack with Vast In-House

Expertise Across its varied and widespread clientele, DATAMARK focuses on leveraging its extensive portfolio to address many pain points, such as lack of expertise, inefficient processes, and technology challenges. Regardless of the industry, clients receive the latest and most effective tools to streamline their operations, such as innovations like artificial intelligence for process improvement and software development. Spearheading DATAMARK’s technology department is its

VP of Technology, Fergal O’Donnell, who leads a specialized business engineering team of highly skilled and qualified professionals with certifications in process methodologies like Lean Six Sigma, Agile and ITIL. They also have qualifications in technology platforms such as Genesys and Salesforce and in

Microsoft technologies like Fabric, Azure and Power Platform. His highly competent team is integral to every client engagement, bringing their distinct experiences and knowledge to the table, conducting thorough analyses of client requirements and existing systems. The result is solutions that are technologically sound and finely tuned to meet distinct client needs and objectives.

Dedicated Teams Oversee Various Layers Within The Technology Division

Such as its group of architecture specialists, who assess the larger technological landscape to analyze emerging trends and establish a toolkit of services, products and applications aligned with prevalent needs. This toolkit forms the foundation upon which DATAMARK builds and customizes its solutions.

At the same time, its delivery team ensures that the developed technology solutions are effectively and efficiently reviewed to confirm that everything adheres to compliance mandates. Then, this team of seasoned personnel rigorously implements these solutions to address new requirements and opportunities. It also focuses on engineering bespoke services and products to meet the evolving needs of clients and the market at large.

“Within our department, we employ the ‘do it once and do it right’ principle to ensure that every task is executed to perfection. Knowing that excellence cannot be rushed, we believe in striking the perfect balance between urgency and quality,” says O’Donnell.

Principles That Make the Company

One of DATAMARK’s recent innovations, DataSpark, is a personalized AI tool that directly addresses challenges encountered by contact center agents. It facilitates rapid access to intricate information and prompt resolution of customer inquiries.

Typically, contact center agents categorize and take notes on each call with a customer for record keeping, analysis and reporting. While placing consumers on hold during a search may briefly interrupt the conversation, it is done with the goal of providing accurate and satisfactory assistance. DataSpark assists the agent by rapidly accessing multiple disparate data sources to collate and summarize once-complex searches into readily usable responses for real-time use – all without disrupting the flow of the call.

DataSpark’s utility extends beyond the confines of the contact center. By integrating the tool into highly regulatory and complex tasks, clients ensure precise and efficient processing, minimizing delays and elevating overall customer satisfaction.

Building on the success of DataSpark, DATAMARK introduced DataScribe; an innovative technology that boosts call-handling efficiencies. It uses artificial intelligence to transcribe real-time conversations between agents and callers, and summarizes the interaction in seconds. This automation significantly reduces an agent’s after-call work, increasing efficiency and cost savings. Leveraging DataScribe, agents can quickly review summarized records of interactions and quickly transition to the next call, resulting in improved productivity and enhanced customer service delivery.

Taking Innovation to Its Peak

Equally integral to its technology arm is DATAMARK’s Operations division. Helmed by VP of Global Operations Shawn Ollis, it prioritizes continuous improvement, emphasizing simplification over complexity to streamline solution implementation and maintenance processes.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, providing a true omnichannel platform is paramount. With new generations increasingly favoring technology-driven interactions over traditional phone-based communication, clients and prospects face the challenge of integrating various channels to enhance the customer experience. This entails bridging chat channels, web forms, email and the contact center to create a cohesive consumer experience.

At DATAMARK, addressing pain points and empowering clients with innovative solutions is a priority.

Leveraging advanced technology, it facilitates seamless integration across multiple channels, enabling efficient communication to enhance customer satisfaction. It creates an omnichannel platform that delivers consistent, personalized interactions accessible across all touchpoints, equipping clients to meet the evolving expectations of digital-era consumers.

For Decades, DATAMARK’s Innovative Solutions Have transformed the industry.

Recently, the city of El Paso, Texas, required assistance in delivering essential services, particularly in support of the city’s 911 and 311 contact centers.

DATAMARK was awarded a three-year contract renewal to operate the city’s 311 call center, responsible for handling nonemergency phone calls from the residents in English and Spanish. To maintain continuity of service across a population of 685,000, DATAMARK originally took over the operation of the call center from the prior service provider within a short time frame.

To optimize operations and improve efficiency, DATAMARK implemented DataSpark, which optimized processes and procedures, enabling contact center agents to swiftly address incoming calls and issues.

Prioritizing quality alongside efficiency, DATAMARK updated and refined existing documentation for uninterrupted integration and alignment with internal processes across various departments.

The deployment methodology employed by DATAMARK includes a proof-of-concept phase, allowing for the refinement of solutions before full-scale implementation. This approach ensures that solutions are rolled out correctly and efficiently. Ollis, who played a key role in the project, noted that the implementation of DataSpark led to numerous benefits for the city. Including increased accuracy in ticket routing and decreased escalations.

Pioneering the Future of BPO and Contact Centers

DATAMARK remains steadfast in its growth and innovation, with strategic expansion plans on the horizon. While geographical footprint expansion is a key focus, the company anticipates further development of its work-from-home model, leveraging advanced technology and a command center approach to ensure operational excellence and adaptability.

Looking ahead, it is poised to capitalize on the latest advancements in automation and AI to drive efficiency and effectiveness. Unlike some who view technology to measure or even replace human interactions, DATAMARK takes a different approach. The company harnesses technology to enhance the agent’s workday, improve employee satisfaction and ultimately elevate the customer experience.

Dedicated to simplifying access to innovation, DATAMARK empowers businesses of any scale to thrive in the dynamic market. Whether for a startup or an established enterprise, each tailored approach ensures that clients can harness the same transformative technology enjoyed by multi-billion dollar enterprises. From streamlined customer service solutions to efficient process automation, DATAMARK is leveling the playing field and helping businesses achieve objectives effectively and affordably.

This article was originally published on CIOReview Top Contact Center And BPO Solutions Partner 2024

By Justin Smith

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