DATAMARK At The SOCAP Spring Symposium

DATAMARK At The SOCAP Spring Symposium

Since 1973, SOCAP international has focused on elevating the value of the entire customer care and engagement industry. That’s half a century of setting the agenda for what great customer experience (CX) really looks like.

The SOCAP Spring Symposium is an annual event. It brings together the best voices and ideas in customer care. The event this year takes place from April 20th to May 2 in Columbus, Ohio.

Everyone involved in planning the future of customer care can get together, which makes this a great chance to connect. They can explore ideas together and share insights on the latest developments in the industry. The pandemic has restricted big conferences and events. Despite pandemic-related challenges, the SOCAP Spring Symposiums remains a valuable opportunity to explore new ideas. With recent CX developments, this year’s event is especially unique.

Insights from Keynote Speakers

David Sax is opening the keynote sessions. He will focus on how ‘the future is analog – how to create a more human world.’ This is contrasted immediately after David’s session with a discussion on how ‘technology is invading the customer experience channels.’

This has been an area of real focus for the DATAMARK team. It is easy to forget just how recent some of these technologies are. ChatGPT was only released in November 2022 and yet it now has over 100 million users. It took just 5 days to get over a million users registered – compare that to how Netflix had to grow over three and a half years to get a million users.

Moving Beyond Micro-Interactions

Another key area for our team is being discussed by Jon Harris in his keynote titled ‘You’re only as good as the relationships you keep.’ Customer relationships span such a diverse range of areas, but some of the key outcomes that we all want to influence are customer loyalty and advocacy – people telling their friends and family about your products.

Many companies focus on micro-interactions – measuring the length of a call without thinking about how that customer might interact with a brand over their lifetime. This is how our team prefers to think about the customer experience solutions we design – how does it keep the customer coming back for years, or even decades?

Retailers know all about this approach. They know that if you spend $100 in their store then that can be banked many years into the future if a customer is satisfied with the experience. Losing a customer is about much more than losing one sale – it’s like losing a future revenue stream. The industry should talk about Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) as a metric much more often.

Let’s Connect at SOCAP

The team at DATAMARK is looking forward to the SOCAP symposium for all the talks mentioned and more. We will be there and we would enjoy saying hello if you are reading this and plan to attend – let’s connect!

You can read more about the event, including the complete agenda here.

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