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India Is The Leading Global Location For CX Expertise In 2024

India Is The Leading Global Location For CX Expertise In 2024

Many American executives look at India and see a well-developed technology industry, but technology has always enabled the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. CX has developed alongside IT in India and is now highly mature and respected globally.

Nasscom is the trade association representing the technology and BPO sector in India, generally known as Business Process Management (BPM). Nasscom values the local BPM industry at over $245 billion annually, demonstrating how mature this sector is now in India.

The Customer Experience

Customer service processes have traditionally focused on voice calls and emails, but the omnichannel environment has recently made them more complex. It is normal for a customer to use half a dozen different channels when reaching out to a brand. And they expect a response from all of them.

In addition, offering better service is becoming increasingly important. Customers have higher expectations, including how quickly they are served and whether they can access a helpful artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot before interacting with a person. Some customers even prefer automated services.

The interactions between customers and brands are becoming more complex and powered by far more technology than ever before. Customer service design now requires expertise in robotic process automation, cloud computing, AI, and cybersecurity protocols.

Integration with Technology

As BPO becomes increasingly aligned with IT, it is important to work in a location where both types of skills are available. It is common to see locations marketing their ability to deliver customer service contact center processes based only on the number of people available and their experience working in customer service. Today, this is not enough. Designing modern CX requires deep IT expertise.

This combination of IT and BPO experience across India means that it is now the location of choice for many executives designing customer experience (CX) solutions. Whether they need to find agents with great customer-facing experience or cloud cybersecurity engineers, the skills are available in India.

White-Glove Treatment

This is why DATAMARK has worked in India for the past 20 years. Our team is located in both Mumbai and Chennai. Two important Indian cities with a combined population of around 17 million people. In the US, we are used to everything at scale, but India scales at another level.

In addition to providing top-of-the-line customer service, our innovation team in India is continuously looking to improve our client’s workflow, conducting a benefit analysis and proposing suggestions to improve efficiency for our clients. This includes developing new software development tools, automated AI solutions, and improved workflows to ensure the success of our clients regardless of whether they choose to use their tools or ours.

This is why our team in India’s white-glove treatment remains second to none when it comes to implementing cost-effective solutions to better serve our clients.


Outsourcing used to be focused only on cost reduction. While India offers attractive labor costs, there is far more on offer. In a complex world where services need to be delivered to customers 24/7, it’s advantageous to be able to serve your customers from different time zones. It is also extremely useful to have access to such a large supply of talented people with technology and customer experience expertise.

The Bottom Line?

India really does offer American companies a new route to customer service excellence. Visit our website for examples and case studies on how our team has worked successfully in India for twenty years.

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