DATAMARK Will Be at Customer Contact East in April 2024

DATAMARK Will Be at Customer Contact East in April 2024

Written By: Randy Arellano, VP of Global Sales and Marketing

Frost & Sullivan always arranges excellent events, and their MindXchange conferences, are great! This is because they bring together key thinkers from across all the key disciplines shaping modern customer experience design.

Their next major event will be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from April 7-10. I’m pleased to say that I will be speaking at one of the roundtable sessions with my colleague Ali Karim, the Director of Business Engineering at DATAMARK.

DATAMARK’s Round Table Session

Our session is titled ‘Powering CX with Omnichannel Insight.’ We will talk about our own experience designing omnichannel solutions for our clients. We hope that our combined experience will create some insight for the other participants, and we’ll all benefit as they share their experiences.

Omnichannel is an interesting topic. Additionally, it’s great that Ali will be joining me because many companies underestimate the scale of the engineering challenge. It should be easy for customers to use any of the supported communication channels that you provide. However, it should also be possible to connect to those channels.

Why does this matter? Imagine you’ve sent an email to a company and then called them a day later because you received no response. In such situations, the last thing a customer wants is to speak with an agent who is unaware of the contents of that email. Alternatively, the phone call being disconnected due to a poor connection and having to call back. After waiting in the queue (again) the new agent is not aware of your previous interaction – how frustrating.

Omnichannel takes the multichannel environment that modern customers expect and brings everything together, making life easier for the customer and agent.

Looking through the agenda, there are some other interesting sessions including:

  • Authenticity: David Wilson from DoorDash will be talking about how the values of your organization set expectations around authenticity with customers.
  • Going digital: Bill Lewis from AdaptHealth will talking about how to create a personalized digital customer journey.
  • Locations: Teresa Ignacio from Silversea Cruises will be talking about how to build corporate culture when you are located across many different locations.

There is also a focus on emerging technology and how it can be deployed in the customer care environment – company representatives of brands such as JPMorgan Chase and Carnival Cruise Line will be addressing this question. It is an important point because customer service is at the sharp end of what any company does. New technology is always evolving, and this is a very powerful area where it can be tried and tested.

Let’s Connect!

It looks like a great event that is packed with CX insight – I do hope to see you there!

If you are planning to be at the Customer Contact East MindXchange Event in April then please get in touch using the link below, or just say hello at the event. For more information on the event, including registration information, please click here.

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