DATAMARK Premier League 2023

DATAMARK Premier League 2023

At DATAMARK, we look for any opportunity in which employees can engage with each other, have fun and connect. What better way to do this? Hosting a sporting event!

The Dynamic Relationship Between Sports and Teamwork

Engaging in sports is a great way to evaluate the qualities of sportsmanship. Those are team spirit, teamwork, endurance, grit, decision-making, a tenacious attitude, being a team player, and leadership. When playing a sport, you drop the feeling of designation you hold working inside an office. Instead, you play as one team with on goal in mind: To compete and win.

This is where cricket comes into play. It is no more than a religion in India. With a sport like cricket comes a great group of people who go crazy for it in all generations. Since 1983, when Team India lifted the World Cup trophy, it has left a lasting impact on the world of cricket.

Preparing for DMi Premier League

At Datamark, it is a pleasure to host the DMi Premier League. In 2019, the first occurrence of this fantastic event took place, and its resounding success left no doubt in our minds that we wanted to recreate it once again.

With the help of the planning committee, we ensured that this event would bring all teams together and run as smoothly as possible. The expectation for this event was to host 9 matches in total to get 1 last winning team out of this tournament.

We formed 12 teams, and the staff group was included in the information. The decision was made to have 5 underarm, box cricket matches, setting the rules accordingly. The working committee searched high and low for the perfect venue to host this outdoor event.

A location near the office was chosen. The teams were created, with both a captain and vice-captain being selected, along with the perfect team name.

The marketing team worked hard designing and sending flyers, match schedules, and public announcements to ensure the teams had a big audience. While the food committee planned for the food that would be served throughout the event, including breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and beverages. This was carefully catered to keep the people energized throughout the event.

The Big Day

May 21st was the big day; the morning started with great excitement as all 12 teams gathered to challenge their opponents in the playoffs. Where in the end, two teams would reach the finals. A game of heads or tails hosted by the umpire would dictate which team would begin the game.

Starting bright and early at 8am, the event lasted until 3:45 in the afternoon. Players and supporters were glued to the wicket and would cheer and applaud anytime the ball was thrown around.

Toward the end of the match, only two teams were left, the Gladiators and the Maharatis. Who would be the winning team face-to-face in their final game? Although a tough competition between both groups, the Maharits were the winning team!

At the end of the day, each of DMi’s core values shined through all its employees. Through teamwork, respect, teachability, and integrity, new friendships blossomed, multiple pictures were taken, and many memories were shared.

The event ended well; kudos to the entire planning committee, which ensured the event was a great success, and we look forward to many more happy moments soon!

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