DATAMARK’s Salvador Padilla Joins Forces with Kelly Center for Hunger Relief Board

DATAMARK’s Salvador Padilla Joins Forces with Kelly Center for Hunger Relief Board

In a significant stride towards community engagement and social responsibility, DATAMARK is thrilled to announce Salvador Padilla’s recent appointment to the Kelly Center for Hunger Relief Board. Marking a significant step in the company’s commitment to giving back to its local community. Salvador Padilla, Director of Information Security, Compliance & Project Management, and military veteran brings a wealth of experience and dedication to this impactful role.

Salvador’s journey with the Kelly Center began with a moment of serendipity, as he shared, “It was a sheer coincidence. I was driving down Montana, saw a church giving out food with a long line. In that moment I thought, ‘Maybe one day I can come in and volunteer.’ Later, scrolling through my LinkedIn feed, I saw they were looking for board members. At that moment, I knew it was my calling; it was supposed to happen.”

A Heartfelt Commitment

Upon Salvador’s acceptance of the invitation to join the Kelly Center for Hunger Relief Board, a genuine enthusiasm radiated from him, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to giving back to his community post-military service. “I’m genuinely thrilled; it’s an incredible chance to make a difference in my community,” he shared fervently. Salvador went on to shed light on the comprehensive approach of the Kelly Center. Underscoring its commitment to food and clothing, revealing a well-rounded strategy to confront the complex challenges of hunger.

Drawing inspiration from his military service and a profound desire to assist others, Salvador envisions himself as a guiding force. Poised to make a significant contribution through hands-on volunteering and using his influence on social media to mobilize support.

Visionary Collaboration: Datamark and the Kelly Center

In discussing the role of organizations like Datamark in addressing hunger-related issues, Salvador envisions a powerful partnership between Datamark and the Kelly Center. In particular stating, “I would love to see Datamark partnering with Kelly, taking it to the next level and helping with the hunger issue in El Paso.”

Salvador is particularly excited about growing the Kelly Center’s social media presence and expanding its reach within the El Paso Community. He recognizes the importance of raising awareness, stating, “They serve everyone in El Paso, but not everyone in El Paso knows them.”

Sustainable Solutions: Building Partnerships for the Future

When contemplating effective strategies for sustainable solutions to hunger, Salvador emphasizes the significance of partnerships and resources. “Us helping places like Kelly Center will go a long way. Often, you go to those lines and see people who are retired or barely making ends meet. And just having the resources, or these kinds of programs create a world of difference. “

Salvador Padilla’s appointment to the Kelly Center for Hunger Relief Board is a testament to Datamark’s dedication to community impact. His vision for collaboration, growth, and awareness aligns seamlessly with the Kelly Center’s mission. Promising a positive influence on the fight against hunger in El Paso.

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