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Employee Satisfaction and The Customer Experience

Employee Satisfaction and The Customer Experience

At DATAMARK, we’ve spent more than 30 years supporting the success of Fortune 500 Companies, government agencies, and multiple companies across several industries. You can expect our expertise in optimizing the customer interaction process, back-office processes and developing high-quality interpretation agents. Thanks to a rigorous hiring and training system, our agents are well-versed in more than 22 languages, various technologies, and much more.

Most importantly, our agents are happy! The average tenure of our agents is well over two years, which exceeds the industry standard. We are proud to have retained the best agents in the industry, and we make this possible through our commitment to keeping job satisfaction high by creating a delightful experience for our teams. Let’s go over exactly how we do that below.

Why Happy Agents?

Happy agents result in exceptional performance for your business and your customers. In contrast, unsatisfied agents can create a revolving door environment that impacts operational costs, productivity, employee morale, and, more importantly, the customer experience. DATAMARK maintains high employee retention by deploying company-wide initiatives prioritizing job satisfaction for our interpreters.

How DATAMARK Keeps Job Satisfaction High for Agents

After vetting and hiring our representatives, we undergo targeted training that aligns with our client’s needs and company culture. The goal is to ensure our agents become a true extension of your brand. Meaning our job doesn’t end after onboarding. We continue with ongoing development, employee engagement, excellent benefits, and beyond.

Ongoing Development

We support the success and development of our agents with ongoing training and coaching, including but not limited to the following:

– Leadership and career development

– Working in a team environment

– Customer Success Methods

– Client culture & business

– Daily performance coaching

– Performance balanced with customer experience.

– And more

Many of our representatives become experts in segmented industries, such as medical, finance, insurance, utilities, travel and hospitality, and government, to name a few. Whatever your business needs are, we can provide specialized training in a wide range of skills, including inbound and outbound strategies, order processing, technical support, customer care, customer relationship management, and more.

Employment Engagement

Engaged and committed employees are motivated, productive, and success-driven – all to benefit our clients. We understand the importance of this and work to keep our employees engaged with a variety of activities:

  • Team bonding activities
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Potlucks and luncheons talent showcasing sessions.
  • Outdoor sporting sessions
  • Monthly raffles from gift cards to electronics
  • Annual awards recognitions
  • And many more

Our agents sit in locations around the globe, both in-office and remote; we check in and align with them on a weekly basis with team meetings that cover any updates, clarifications, and knowledge-sharing. Team leaders give regular feedback, discuss current projects, and foster an open team environment for questions, concerns, and general discussions.

Employee Recognition

A whopping 69% of employees at DATAMARK have said that because they feel appreciated, they work harder and enjoy their position more. We must highlight any accomplishments to ensure our agents feel valued, and we know this manifests itself in the form of motivated, more passionate work.

Another way we recognize our agents is by hosting DATAMARK’s Core Value Awards. Every six months, candidates are nominated to represent DATAMARK’s core values of Teamwork, RESPECT, Integrity, and Teachability. Of course, we ensure that not only are values but your company values are recognized as a part of every client project.

Pay and Compensation Benefits

Along with our continuous training opportunities, team events, and extra perks, we guarantee a baseline of competitive pay and compensation for our agents:

  • Competitive salary based on monthly competitor reviews within the industry
  • Holiday pay and bonuses
  • Vacation days and birthday days off
  • Floating holidays
  • Annual salary increases
  • Health insurance (dental and vision included)
  • Savings funds depending on tenure, range from 9% to 13%
  • Performance bonus fund based on 100% ADH, perfect attendance, and occupancy time
  • Transportation paid for

Bottom Line?

Happy Agents equal high-quality service delivery for your business and your customers. With a winning customer support team that speaks your customers’ language, we can improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction across the board.

Oh, and keep in mind that our agents have got you covered 24/7, 365, around the globe. Contact us, and a DATAMARK representative will get back to you in no time.

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