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Capturing Market Share in Healthcare with Live Interpretation Services

Capturing Market Share in Healthcare with Live Interpretation Services

All interactions with customers are important. And while all customer interactions hold significance, envision a scenario where a precise comprehension of the customer becomes exceptionally crucial for their overall wellbeing.


In all aspects of healthcare, it is essential that there is a solid understanding both from the customer (or patient) to a health professional and vice-versa. Hospitals, physicians, and clinics all need to know that they can communicate easily with patients.

But in a multilingual environment this can be a challenge for some organizations. How do they ensure that reliable, fast, secure, and scalable language and interpretation services are always available?

Bridging Language Barriers in Healthcare

In the US, around 66 million people do not use English at home, over 40 million people use Spanish as their preferred language at home. Many of these people are bilingual and can also use English, but some have only a basic level of English which can be a serious problem when communicating with a health professional.

DATAMARK has extensive experience in helping healthcare organizations deliver a safe and secure health service with interpretation. Our team values the personal data of patients. Additionally, we are compliant with HIPAA privacy rule  However, we go beyond this rule with safety measures such as secure private cubicles for our team and a strict no personal cellphone use on the floor.

Comprehensive Interpretation Solutions for Seamless Doctor- Patient Interactions

We work with one healthcare organization in particular to deliver interpretation services for a wide range of situations – from handling emergency calls to in-hospital interpretation for doctors. All to ensure   doctor to patient communication goes as smoothly as possible.

This project began in 2016 with just 20 interpreters as a proof of concept for the client. By the end of 2021 our team had grown to over 1,000 interpreters – a growth of over 5,000%.

We offer phone and video interpreters in Mexico and India and now provide interpretation services in more than 20 of the most commonly spoken languages to people across 1,700 cities in the United States—all available through laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This client is taking over 2 million calls per month.

We also ensure that our interpreters are well looked after. They have work from home options, including reimbursements to help them prepare a secure work environment in their home. Our team in Mexico and India also benefits from a matched savings plan to help encourage long-term savings – these employee benefits are not common in these regions and helps demonstrate our commitment to hiring and training the best interpreters available.

Healthcare and finance are two of the most heavily regulated industries, and for good reason. However, if you misunderstand financial advice it may cost you the dollars you invested, but misunderstanding a healthcare professional can have more serious long-term consequences. A robust and scalable interpretation service is essential for all modern healthcare organizations.

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