U.S. Healthcare is Evolving and Adapting the Principles of CX is illustrated by digital art of an online meeting between a patient and a doctor

U.S. Healthcare is Evolving and Adopting the Principles of CX

U.S. Healthcare is Evolving and Adopting the Principles of CX

The U.S. Healthcare is getting quite a makeover at present. We all know how expensive it can be to visit an Emergency Room for a non-emergency situation. Still, several major retail brands are rapidly changing how healthcare is delivered to patients. More importantly, they apply customer experience lessons to patient experience, making healthcare more affordable and easier to access and manage.

Changing How U.S. Healthcare Gets Delivered

Look at the Amazon clinic for one example. You don’t need an appointment. You click the general area of healthcare where you need advice, and Amazon immediately connects you to a US-licensed clinician. After a few questions, your prescription can be ready to take to a pharmacist, or Amazon can even arrange delivery.

CVS Health is rapidly rolling out health centers across the nation. They accelerated this process by recently acquiring the Medicare-focused primary care provider Oak Street Health in a deal valued at $10.6 billion. Oak Street Health has a hi-tech, multilayer model focused on delivering value to patients.

The Oak Street network has grown fast and has proven to be scalable. It includes about 600 physicians across 169 medical centers located in 21 states. CVS Health is expected to grow this network to over 300 centers by 2026.

Walmart is another familiar brand that has also entered this space. Their Walmart Health initiative was launched in 2019, and there is now a network of 32 health centers. The plan is to grow this by adding another 45 by the end of next year – more than doubling the national network.

Making U.S. Healthcare More Accessible

Telehealth is another area that is rapidly developing. It became essential almost overnight when the pandemic made a trip to the doctor’s office impossible. But from an industry valued at a few billion dollars pre-pandemic, the consulting firm McKinsey has estimated it could now grow into a quarter-trillion-dollar opportunity. That’s just inside the US.

All these initiatives are making healthcare more accessible and affordable and bringing it into the local community. It should be possible to go for a test or health check in the same place where you are shopping for groceries.

But the exciting change here is how patient experience is respected and placed at the core of all these companies offer. They all have insight into the importance of CX, and it is clear that they are applying these lessons to patient experience.

All these patient networks will require greater levels of interaction, so these companies will need to handle appointment scheduling, questions, and patients with problems and doubts. Interaction across several service channels is likely to soar.

Therefore, all these brands must work with customer and patient experience experts. At DATAMARK, we have over two decades of experience working in various healthcare services. We also have a detailed knowledge of creating customer satisfaction across several other industries.

Bottom Line

At DATAMARK we understand that we must develop the most efficient and profitable business services for our clients with a continued commitment toward excellence in quality, and a focus on the customer experience- all within the highest ethical business practices. Contact us for personalized solutions to your unique business challenges.

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