CCW Austin Will Help Define The Key CX Trends For 2024

CCW Austin Will Help Define The Key CX Trends For 2024

The DATAMARK team will be in Austin, Texas, for Customer Contact Week 2024 this January. This annual event is always a great way to start the year. It’s three solid days of exploring the customer service and CX Trends for 2024.

The keynote speakers are all listed here. Looking ahead to the event, there is a strong focus on healthcare and financial services this year. These two sectors that really require a strong focus on partnership and trust.

Many sessions look well-designed to be informative and answer questions about key trends in CX. A good example is the first day (Jan 23), where Dr Mohamed Zaki from the University of Cambridge will discuss the fundamentals of artificial intelligence for contact center leaders.

Given that AI will probably be the most important trend throughout 2023, this will be an important session to help set the industry direction for 2024. Our own DataSpark system has been helping many of our clients gain innovation and efficiency using AI.

Data-Driven Customer Relationships: Insights from Google’s Chief Strategist

Neil Hoyne, the Chief Strategist at Google, is opening day two. Neil’s 2022 book ‘Converted’ explored using data more effectively to enhance customer relationships. Neil is focused on building long-term customer relationships and measuring the Customer Lifetime Value.

This is another subject we have often explored with our clients at DATAMARK. Many business process outsourcing (BPO) companies focus on particular metrics that only reflect customer interactions. Think of all the traditional contact center metrics, such as Average Handle Time or First Call Resolution. We report all this data but we also focus on customer interaction more holistically. Will this customer remain loyal to our client for the next 20 or 30 years because of how we engage with them?

This is often a cultural question. Is our corporate culture just focused on handling calls quickly? Or are we focused on creating deeper relationships with the customer?

Cultivating Customer-Centric Business Culture

It’s good to see that Dale Sturgill, the VP of Contact Center Strategy at Memorial Hermann Health System, will be exploring this exact point. Dale is exploring a customer-centric business culture. Specifically, how this focus on delivering what customers need has to be embraced by everyone in an organization. Not just those working directly in the customer service team.

Benny Serna, EVP of Call Center Operations at DHR Health, discussing about hiring and training in the contact center environment. Specifically, Benny will address managing these processes in a high attrition environment.

Although, it could be argued that the contact center does not always need to be a high attrition environment. At DATAMARK, our agents have a very long tenure compared to the industry average. We know that satisfied and engaged employees will lead directly to satisfied customers so this is an important area of focus for our team, but I’m sure we will also pick up a few tips from Benny at the conference.

This article is just a preview of some of the interesting sessions on the CCW Austin agenda. If you are going to be there then do get in touch with or team or say hello in person at the event. What do you think about the CCW Austin 2024 agenda?

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