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How Is AI Revolutionizing Customer Experience Quality?

How Is AI Revolutionizing Customer Experience Quality?

In a recent article, we asked, ‘Will AI improve the quality of customer experience (CX)? Obviously, AI can achieve this, but it’s important to consider that AI is just a tool. AI offers opportunities for people to perform tasks more productively, so with a superb CX strategy, it is true that AI can improve CX.

Nonetheless, augmenting agents at the forefront of CX, business processes can be improved through the use of AI.

Forbes has some good ideas, leading with:

  • AI-powered virtual assistants ensure customers are always answered and engaged immediately, 24/7.
  • Using AI to process repetitive and time-consuming tasks in the contact center.
  • Using AI to personalize customer interactions.

Though these are a good initial group of suggestions, The focus is on creating efficiency and productivity inside the contact center and using AI to make customers feel more engaged with the brand.


According to Harvard Business Review, insights are another essential use of AI. Most companies have a vast amount of transaction data that details what their customers have purchased, what they like, and what they avoid. This data is a mine of valuable information but is often overwhelming.


Using AI to mine this information and ask it to find opportunities. An example is the Brinks home security business – a division of the Brinks armored truck company. Despite having a solid name and reputation in security, Brinks only had a 2% market share for home security technology systems.

They used AI to mine into their customer’s use of the system. Who bought a system? How did they use it? Why did people cancel? They created insight into the best time to sell upgrades, how to cross-sell new solutions, and how to personalize all customer interactions. Revenue shot up by over 9.5% immediately, and the value of an average purchase doubled.

Workforce Management

Software Company Zendesk listed thirteen reasons why AI can help improve CX. The most interesting suggestions from their list include faster onboarding and more efficient workforce management. They suggest that AI can dramatically improve the training and onboarding process by offering personalized, one-on-one, self-paced options. This can help people manage their weaker areas by highlighting where practice is needed.

Moreover, the fact that clients are using our AI tools to improve their CX shows that the headline has been answered. AI can help improve CX—and we have the client case studies to prove it!

As the various business journals suggest, there is a wide range of areas where AI can help improve CX. The critical thing to remember is that AI is a powerful tool that can enhance your business processes. There is no magic formula or instant solution. Even an AI solution has to be designed, trained, and tested.


If your CX strategy now includes AI, you can improve productivity, reduce admin tasks, improve personalization, and gain more insight into what your customers want. These opportunities are out there; you need a partner actively engaged in designing how AI can be a CX game changer.

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