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What Industries Outsource Business Processes the Most and Why

The most prolific users of business process outsourcing (BPO) services are those that have a moderate to large amount of repetitive and labor-intensive tasks.

What Industries Outsource Business Processes the Most and Why

What industries outsource business processes the most? Generally speaking, the most prolific users of business process outsourcing (BPO) services are those that have a moderate to large amount of repetitive and labor-intensive tasks. Examples range from document processing through customer service and support. Those with intensive regulatory guidelines and those with tighter profit margins that require financial savings through enhanced efficiency to deliver top-notch service routinely leverage BPO services too. Of course, these concerns could apply to just about any industry, which no doubt explains why BPO is so popular across the board. Below, we’ll dig into what companies use outsourcing the most and why it’s integral to running a successful business.

What industries outsource business processes the most?

1. Healthcare

Healthcare providers are in the business of helping people stay well, but to do this, they must operate as efficiently as possible.  After all, each dollar spent handling paperwork, scanning documents, managing accounting functions, and addressing countless other back-office tasks, all while maintaining compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements, is a dollar that can’t be spent on patient care. Moreover, as speed increases through healthcare BPO, customer service and patient care get an additional boost too. Data from Black Book Market Research indicates 90 percent of hospital leaders are considering outsourcing as part of their value-based care strategy, though the trend is growing in virtually all medical settings as well.

2. Shipping & Transportation

Many people don’t realize it, but shipping and transportation companies often have slim profit margins of 5 percent or less, per DATAMARK research, and they move nearly three-quarters of the country’s freight. Making the most of their time and their dollars is essential, which is why it only makes sense to outsource their non-core functions to a third party that can do it more efficiently than they can. Through transportation BPO, companies can tackle thousands of bills of lading, air waybills, customs forms, and other documents, plus address things like customer service and invoices.

3. Banking & Finance

While banks may have once managed all their back-office processes in-house, the recession became a major wake-up call that they weren’t always doing it cost-effectively. This, paired with the rise in fintech companies and increased focus on risk mitigation as well as business continuity planning, has made banking and finance BPO surge in popularity. Companies leverage outsourced call centers as well as functions like digital mailroom services, data capture, document scanning, and document storage and retrieval, gaining new ground by partnering with BPO firms that have a global footprint and understand the regulatory compliance needs of financial institutions.

4. Retail & Manufacturing

Large retailers and manufacturing companies can receive thousands of pieces of mail per day and often get overwhelmed when the volume of their contact centers fluctuates. Both these critical issues can diminish customer satisfaction and harm the bottom line, but they’re easily remedied through retail and manufacturing BPO services. By outsourcing these non-core functions, companies become more agile and profitable while improving customer service and their reputations.

5. Insurance

Insurance agencies cope with many of the same issues healthcare organizations do, particularly speaking in terms of health insurance providers. However, administrative duties, regulatory requirements, and customer service needs can be overwhelming in any branch of insurance. Some of the most popular insurance BPO services include digital mailroom services, enterprise content management, and data capture, which can contribute to better service and lower operating costs.

6. Energy & Utilities

These are unique times for energy and utility companies. On the one hand, competition is mounting, and companies must keep their rates as low as possible to stay in the game. On the other hand, it’s challenging for agencies to increase their rates even when a hike is warranted. Meanwhile, infrastructure is aging, and demand is soaring. It’s through energy and utilities BPO that companies can increase efficiency and address many back-office processes like customer service and document processing in a cost-effective way.

7. Government

Countless government agencies rely on outsourcing to meet the needs of citizens cost-effectively. At DATAMARK, we manage several 311 contact centers, ensuring people can always get the information they need from their municipality when they need it. This is no easy feat because call volume fluctuates anytime there’s a major event. Yet, our infrastructure allows us to scale as needed, helping create a sense of calm no matter what’s happening locally. Depending on the agency and program, there is often large volumes of documents and mail to process and manage as well, all while ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations. By leveraging government BPO services, agencies can improve service and cut operating costs by as much as 40 percent, allowing their modest budgets to serve people better.

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